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Solo-artist Jana Korb is performing this
aerial theater on a freestanding trapeze-
construction – which symbolizes the small world of Frau Vladusch.
The trapeze-construction is a pyramid with three legs and the show is visible from all sides – so it can be performed frontal (theater style) as well as in a ring (circus style).
There are three fix-trapezes in different heights, above the stage setting (the kitchen) – the highest hanging at 5m.
The ground is covered by a round red mat (4m in diameter).

Trapeze Construction:
three-legged pyramid, free-standing (without anchors)
height: 7,70m
ground area: ca. 6m x 5m
required space for setting up and rigging: 6m x 16m
rigging must be done by two persons

Light and Sound:
If not available,
i can bring my own light and sound equipment.
See technical rider.

The performance is about 35 min.
I can perform up to three times a day, ideally, at dusk or in darkness.
Rigging needs to be done the day before – ideally!
For rigging and setting up we need about 2,5h, disassembly about 1h.