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The Piece

Performer Jana Korb and Director Erica Ruhl immerse themselves in the
daily life of a lonely woman:
Frau Vladusch lives alone in her kitchen
– cleaning, dusting, rearranging things, spying on neighbors and spasmodically falling asleep. Her daily routine is meticulously organized and subject to petty rituals.

Her pedantic lifestyle and mastery of self-control result from her lifelong fear of remembering: painful secrets and intense emotions… With refined skill she develops inventive methods of emotional suppression. Choosing the monotony of daily routine and postponing a personal and emotional battle and the chance of change.
Her memories are hidden, delicately wrapped, high up in the garrets of her conscience. She feels secure.

But she can‘t evade these memories, she can‘t help but lose control. Her memories and glimpses of unattained desires occur again and again – especially while dozing – so that the borders between reality and the world of dreams dissolve, clearing space for moments of hope, showing her ways out of her desolation. She feels again and starts to relish these moments.

And slowly, Frau Vladusch begins to change…

Spiel und Artistik: Jana Korb

Konzept und Idee: Jana Korb und Erica Ruhl
Regie: Erica Ruhl

Musik: Ulas Aktas und Supermonophonic
Kostüme: ajak kostümbild
Bühne: Erica Ruhl
Gestaltung: Tobias Stiefel und Gerhard Koch

Choreographische Assistenz: Anka Böttcher
Dramaturgische Assistenz: Dieter Handler

Produktion: Korb + Stiefel GbR